Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pop-ups, etc

Animated gif ads for Freeserve.com

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Icircle icons

'Favourites' icon ideas for Freeserve's women's portal, icircle.com (no longer live).

Indulgent woman

Illustration of an 'indulgent woman' for icircle.com.

Boothwoman Logo

My personal logo - I designed this for my portfolio website, www.boothwoman.com.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Using the old Nokia 7110 Matrix phone I programmed .wml WAP sites for BT Cellnet, Ministry of Sound and a mobile contact directory for Traffic staff. Here are some examples of the delightful 2-colour pixel designs possible in those days:

Traffic ads

A selection of ads I created while working at an agency called Traffic Interactive (now Proximity London).

Our clients included: Emirates, BT, Guinness, Mercedes, UCI, Genie, Financial Times and Ministry of Sound.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How to Demolish Teenagers

I created this illustration to acompany an article which, as the title suggests, explains how to effectively deal with teenagers (according to the author, by staring unashamedly at spots, etc) .

Atlas Moth (and the Orb)

Part of my graduate show was a children's book called 'Atlas Moth and the Orb'. The illustrations for this were made by creating and photographing 3D models of giant insects, Atlas Moth (the hero) and his three house-mates, Orb Spider, Doodlebug and Leafcutter Ant. I also used the models and set to produce a short animated film, voices kindly provided by my friends Phil Weyman, Paula Lewis and Paul Pilon. Click on the screen-grab below to see a Flash movie of the book.

Boothwoman's old logo

An old business card from Uni days - a primitive 'Boothwoman' logo. It's inspired my latest set of animations for Orange.


As part of my final year of my Illustration degree in 1997, we were set an exam project, the brief being a single word: 'Energy'

I chose to illustrate this as a series of images of people dancing, in a club environment. I first created a group of characters using flexible wire, each formed from a single piece where possible. I then placed these inside a photocopier, the resulting black and white prints included shadows where the wire shapes were not flat against the scanner bed. I re-photocopied these images onto different coloured paper, at different sizes, and collaged them all together to form a crowded club scene. I finally blackened the background to highlight the individual characters and added coloured ink stains to give the impression of multicoloured lighting illuminating the faces in the dark.

Here are some of the individual figures which made up the final illlustration:

Self-portrait as object

The brief was to combine a self-portrait with an object that represented some aspect of your personality. For the object, I chose one of those games where you slide a number of square pieces around in a plastic frame, to represent my obsession with 'getting things in order', everything in it's place, etc. I started with a painting of my face looking 'thoughtful', photocopied it in colour, cut it into squares and pasted it onto one of the games I just described. I then muddled all the pieces up, and painted it again, from life.

Me, me, me...

Self portraits produced during my Art Foundation course.


Illustration of an anxious lady with her worries eating away inside her stomach.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

L'horloge de libellule de 25 heures

Idea for children's wall clock - click on the image below to see an animated Flash version.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chris & Matt's wedding invite

A couple of friends asked me to design their wedding invitation, with caricatures of themselves in the style of 'Matty and Lulu' (see previous Freeserve project). Not long afterwards I adapted the figures to make a congratulations card when their firstborn arrived.